About Us

“We are the heirs of our future”


The first streetwear and lifestyle brand of it's kind, providing high quality garments with a specific purpose


Our clothing goes beyond your average streetwear brand to offer you two key important things:


The first is the exceptional quality, and high-level expertise, our goods are made with.


The second, and most important thing our brand brings, is a real purpose.


Heirs FTY focuses on an important cause for the greater good.


The youth, the heirs, are our future. 


Heirs is For The Youth, and with your help, we work towards eventually opening our first Foundation F.T.Y.. By using profits from sales, we will use this brand as a platform to uplift the youth and their importance in society to help us open facilities. These facilities will offer free, accessible educational tools and resources 24/7. Such as: a computer lab, music studio, art studio, study room, lounge, mentor networks, and more!


We thank you for you for taking the time to read this. We appreciate your support in any form, and please reach out to us whenever you wish.


”we are the heirs of our future”


Thank you